Equip de monitors



Juan Antonio Sánchez

Director i Fundador de Topcolonies
Director de Hoteles BestPrice
Consultor d’internet i noves tecnologies
17 anys d’experiència en Summer Camps
Professor del Programa Emprenedors – GENCAT
Llicenciat en Ciències Econòmiques (Universitat Central de Barcelona)
Master of Business Administration – Dundee University
Ha treballat en multinacionals com Winterthur, Credit Suisse, Grup Anuntis, Sitel.
Casat i pare de familia amb dos fills

Frank  R Johnson

Director TopcoloniesFrank
New York City
Profesor de  Inglés y Danza Clásica y Jazz.
Professional Dancer in many different theatres in NewYork City and throught the world.
Interés:Danza (Todos estilos),Drama,Música, Viajar,
Deportes(Voleibol ,Béisbol ,Tenis y deportes de agua.
Guillem Sànchez
Director de Topcolonies
Director de Hoteles BESTPRICE
Escola de Monitors
Fundació Escola Emprenedors
Degree in Business Administration en University of Wolverhampton
2 fills



Kelsey Beckman
Monitor at TopcoloniesKelsey
B.A. in Spanish, European Studies, and English Literature, M.S. in Education, both at the University of Kansas in Lawrence, Kansas
Nationality: United States of America
Certified Teacher of English Language Arts, English as a Second Language, Spanish, and TESOL certified
Interests: Reading a book a day, writing, traveling as much as possible

Jason Manganjason
Topcolonies Monitor
ESL Teacher, Multi-instrumentalist, Actor and Camp Veteran
Nationality: Irish
Interests: Rugby, American Football, Music and Chess




Jonathon LevinLevin
Robotics and Design Teacher
Degree in Business Economics – University of California Los Angeles
Masters Degree in Urban Education – Language and Culture – Loyola Marymount University in California
Interests: Music, Camping, Running


Kevin GeistKevin
Top Colonies Monitor
Degree in Global Affairs, George Mason University
Nationality: United States of America
CELTA (TESOL) Certificate from Cambridge
Interests: American football, travel, nature, history



James MickensJames-Mickens
Home Director at LArche Heartland, KS
Owner of the Odd Market Bakery
Degree in Education
Nationalality: African-American
Interests: Basketball, Football, Music, Writing, Dancing, Acting, Baking, and Learning


Kellen BattlesKellen2
Level 5 TESOL Certificate
Nationality: United States of America
Degree in Biomechanics of Human Engineering, Oregon State University, Ashmead Vocational
Interests: Dance, Football (NFL), Basketball, Gymnastics, Crossfit, Fishing, Rock Climbing and Bouldering


Caitlin KantorKantor
Monitor Topcolonies
Degree in English Language and Literature,
University of British Columbia
Nationality: Canada
Interests: Cooking, Reading, Dancing, Yoga, Writing

Brittany CorrellBrittany
Student that has studied in France and California
Pursuing a degree in Business and French
Nationality: American
Interest: Playing and coaching Soccer/Football, Singing (poorly), Dancing (also poorly), Running, and Traveling


James CameronJames
Monitor Topcolonies
Degree in English and International Relations, University of Newcastle, Australia
Nationality: Australia
Interests: Football, Movies, Drawing, Film making, Eating

Rhea BaliwalaRhea
Summer Camp Monitor
MBA, Finance, University of Mumbai
Nationality: India
TEFL Certificate
Interests: Dancing, Athletics, Reading and flying an aircraft (still training)

Emma AndersonEmma
Math Education student at the University of Kansas
Nationality: United States of America
Interests: music, dance, hiking, swimming, reading

Jacob WhittJacob
Top Colonies English Monitor
Degrees in Music Performance and Spanish Linguistics, University at Albany, New York
Two years experience teaching English in public bilingual schools and privately in Madrid
Interests: music production and performance, music technology, linguistics, abstract painting, event photography, dungeons & dragons/RPGs in general, foreign culture/language

Ryan EllisRyan
Degree in Science (maj. Health and Safety), Curtin University, Western Australia
Firefighter for New South Wales Fire and Rescue
Nationality: Australian
Interests: Outdoor adventure, Rugby Union, Cricket, Football, wrestling crocodiles, riding kangaroos (haha just for laughs)

Alex DorseyAlex-Dorsey
Degree in Finance and Mathematics, Michigan State University
Nationality: United States of America
Level 5 TEFL/TESOL Certificate
Interests: Basketball, Soccer (Football), FC Barca, Traveling, Reading

Topcolonies Monitor
Degree in Marketing
Currently an English teacher in Madrid
Have dual citizenship – Canadian and Polish
I have traveled to 24 countries
I am an avid watermelon juice drinker, iPad addict, and gym rat


Kerri DennisDenis2
Nationality: English
Degrees: BA (Hons) Physical Education at the University of Wolverhampton
Interests: Skateboarding, learning new languages, travelling around the world, meeting new people, ping pong, volleyball.
I have worked in International Language schools for the past 6 years in the UK, working with students from a variety of different countries around the world.

My name is Gabriela and I’m 23 years old.
I’m from Stockholm, Sweden, but at the moment I live in southern Sweden.
I have been studying health and nutrition science and currently I am studying retail
and service management at the Linneusuniversity in Camlare.
I have a positive attitude towards life and love to take long walks, train and long board.
I also enjoy being with family and friends and I have a big interest in fashion.

Jenell HulseJenell
Studying Finance and Leadership at Kansas State University
Nationality: United States of America
Interests: Swimming, Basketball, and traveling

Maria BernausMaria
Monitor at Top Colonies
Half American, half Spanish
Studied at the University of Virginia for a year,
Third Year Dentistry Student in Barcelona.
I enjoy cooking brunch, desserts and smoothies, making all sorts of crafts, road trips and hiking.

Mariona GolMariona
Environmental Biologist and Secondary Teacher specialized in Science.
I will bring a creative, youthful, positive attitude to the organization, accompanied by a desire and willingness to work with others to achieve a common goal.
Interests: Photography, Nature, Animals and Plants, Outdoor sports and adventure, Music, Crafts, Dancing, Traveling, Reading.

AlbaAlba Monitora de Topcolonies
Nacionalitat: espanyola
Batxillerat en Barcelona
Interessos: el cinema, la música, els animals, viatjar
Three years in Topcolonies


Colònies en anglès: classes d’anglès, Programa Emprenedors, windsurf, kayaks, catamarà, wipeout, surf, sortida a parc aquàtic, tirolines, parc aventura, Showtime musical (Broadway) diari, vivac, bananna

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